5 Great Occasions for Lighting up a Cigar

If there's one truth that never changes about cigars, it's that they're great for celebrating! As both a time-honored tradition and a social event, getting together for cigars seems like a natural way to commemorate an important milestone. Here are 5 great occasions for lighting up.


One of your friends is tying the knot? Great! Get together with all your buddies, pass out the stogies, and offer your congratulations. Your friend is about to embark on a new life with their loved one. Even if you don't really like their chosen spouse, this is an event only for positive words. Wish your friend the best and be sincere in your hopes for their future. They'll appreciate the gesture as much as the cigars. And if you're the one who's getting married, your friends will love knowing you haven't forgotten them.


Getting ahead in this world can seem like an endless slog uphill, both ways, through the mud. That's why when you or a friend get a promotion, it can feel bigger than an Olympic medal. Promotions are the perfect time to have a smoke, and if your boss and colleagues are involved, you may be given a cigar that you've never had a chance to try before— probably because it's out of your price range. But when it comes out of the corporate account, that's another story!


Ever since the beginning of history, new babies have always been a cause for celebration. Starting (or adding to) a family is a huge milestone for anyone, and a new parent may be excited, joyful, nervous, or all three. Light up together and offer your hearty congratulations, or if you're the new parent, just soak them up.

Winning a big game

At last your team won. Maybe it was a championship, maybe they defeated a hated rival, or maybe they finally broke a losing streak. It doesn't matter: it's still a win! Break out the smokes and accompany them with cheers and high-fives. Maybe all your positive celebratory energy somehow gets transferred to your team. Who knows?

Because you want to

So, you have these great cigars waiting in your humidor and you're just itching to smoke one. And yet, none of your friends are getting married, promotions are distant, nobody's having kids right now, and your favorite sport is in the offseason. Well, light one up anyway! Better yet, invite some friends over and light up together just because you can. If anyone asks you "what's the occasion?" just ask them, "do we need one?" Getting together just for cigars could turn into a repeated event, and then you'd never be stuck without a reason to smoke again. It's a win-win situation.

And more...

These are only 5 occasions to have a cigar, but there are as many more as there are days in the year. Don't feel limited in your choices; if you feel a need to celebrate, you're a lucky person to have such happiness in your life. Light up and savor it.

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